Founded by DJ in 2017, Hub & Spoke Marketing started as a content strategy and content marketing consultancy serving everyone from start-ups to enterprise clients like Airbnb and Wells Fargo. Christian joined in 2018, expanding our content support into omni-channel amplification and public relations services. A friendship sparked at The College of Wooster (Ohio) in the late ‘90s rekindled into this business and we’re having a load of fun.

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DJ Francis; Founder

Boulder office: DJ is a content strategist and all-around inbound marketer with 17+ years experience helping businesses become publishers. Stints in DC’s political communications machine, Chicago’s creative agencies and Boulder’s start-up community have given DJ a unique perspective on changing hearts and altering consumer behavior. DJ specializes in content strategy and content development in order to generate demand, drive prospects and nurture leads completely through a sales funnel. Hub And Spoke Marketing proudly serves the Boulder and Denver areas.

DJ enjoys public speaking and contributing to content marketing thought leadership. The thing he most enjoys about his work is repairing Sales-Marketing relationships and genuinely changing the “hard sell” of days past. He does this by creating content so valuable to prospects that they actually clamor to become customers. Educating, helping, giving…that’s the secret to successful modern marketing.

DJ earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the College of Wooster and a Master’s degree in Literature from The University of Lancaster, England.


Christian Hunter, APR; Partner

Cleveland office: Christian is a content marketer and accredited public relations professional, with more than 15+ years experience in both small and large agencies, as well as within nonprofit and corporate organizations. He has a diverse background in numerous industries to apply strategic communications expertise, where he works to amplify content marketing efforts, through influencer relations, channel optimization, segmentation and localization, while incorporating meaningful analytics and measurement.

Committed to the marketing and communications industry, Christian has been published in numerous PR News professional guidebooks for topics relating to employee communication, social media, crisis training and reputation management. Having earned is Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) certification from the Public Relations Society of America in 2010, he continues his involvement in PRSA as the Greater Cleveland chapter accreditation chair and is a past president (2015) of the chapter. He is also a board member of Chagrin Arts and is the current chair of the marketing committee.

Christian earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies from the College of Wooster.