Sound Familiar?

Cold calling doesn’t contribute leads like it used to. Cold emails don’t work as well either. Hiring more salespeople hasn’t helped.

You know those 1:1 conversations aren’t scaling the business in the way you need. It’s time to build out your marketing department for 1:many conversations.

You need marketing to scale your business. To automate as much as possible. To empower your salespeople to focus on selling.

The cannabis industry is ready for modern marketing. Are you?

Now is the time. First step: Contact me to schedule a quick call. 2.png

50/50 Quick Start Marketing Program

Give us 50 days to kick-start your marketing department:

  • $10K ad spend — We devote a full $10,000 to paid advertising in support of your content marketing. This can occur through online channels like Google and Facebook or offline / print channels.

  • Automated email — Nurture your leads with emails that go out based on their behavior. We program your marketing automation platform (one full year included) to fit your strategic needs and train your sales staff. We program messages for the 10 most-likely scenarios and personalize each one. Then we load them up, ready for delivery to the right prospect at the right time.

  • Weekly sales “HOT” list — Cement the relationship between sales and marketing with a weekly list of prospects who are the most ready to buy. Marketing aims; Sales fires.

  • 3 months of content! — We’ll not only set up and customize your marketing automation software, but we’ll load you up with 3-month’s worth of content too. This includes one designed white paper, 5 corresponding blog posts and 5 additional emails.

  • Sales Collateral — Sales is Marketing’s first client. We ensure your sales team has every battle card and competitive analysis they need finish the job.

  • Public Relations — Cannabis companies are especially challenged when it comes to earning media attention. We incorporate a 500-user survey which you own to ramp up our amplification efforts and earn your brand the attention it deserves.

  • Happy, trained staff — We close our 50-day engagement with a half-day training session. We’ll prime your sales team for success by introducing them to the new work and system, answering questions and training on new software.

50 days. $50K. (That includes a $10K ad spend!)

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How does it work?

We begin our engagement with a half-day workshop with your sales team and key stakeholders in your office. We’ll identify key objectives and define the strategy. Afterwards, we start both a content and public relations work stream.

  • Content: We create a white paper along with smaller satellite content for distribution. We also implement and customize a new marketing automation platform for you.

  • Public Relations: We create survey questions and work with an agency to run the survey. The survey results become the content we pitch to our media contacts across the nation.

We know this approach works. Gartner reports that B2B buyers go through about 57% of the purchasing process before ever talking to sales. Business-to-business (B2B) companies tend to have longer buying cycles, often due to the cost and professional responsibility involved.

Content marketing influences and guides prospects before they reach out to sales. Content drives demand and qualifies leads as your prospects work their way down the funnel.

"The best marketers are pushing content deep into the customers buying process to shape decision making. Meanwhile, the best sales reps attempt to engage customers well before their needs are identified." (CEB Global)