B2BCannaContent: We manage your digital marketing presence from soup to nuts, all based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.



Don't have a website? Or does your site need some serious love?

I'm happy to create a website that honestly displays your brand while also generating quality leads for your sales team. For most projects, I like Wordpress or SquareSpace with a heavy dose of HubSpot marketing. I also have a close network of web devs who can help on larger projects.

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Content Strategy

"But what should we write/talk/blog about?"

I'll work with your team to uncover key milestones in your customers' buying journey and then determine the content and channels that will move the needle for your business. What messages will resonate to the B2B buyer at each stage, from awareness to engagement to conversion to re-purchase/advocacy? I can help you determine the right message for the right audience at the right time in their channel of choice. More info about content strategy and how those deliverables can improve your demand generation and lead nurturing. 


Marketing Automation

Are you ready for a robust marketing automation (MA) to deliver key messages via email based on user behavior, as opposed to a "spray and pray" email strategy?

If you are considering HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua or Pardot, I can help establish a lead scoring program based on interviews with sales leaders, your business objectives and customer insights. 

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Content Marketing

Do you have a lot of ideas but no way to create the content you need to market your product?

I can help establish a process customized to your business that helps you go from idea to creation to approval to governance. I can also fill or staff gaps; I enjoy short-term projects (1-12 months) where I can make a real impact in the business. More info about content marketing services.

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Sales Enablement

To ensure better sales and marketing alignment, we recommend that sales enablement help to drive content creation. Plugging gaps in the lower-funnel sales cycle tends to also have a positive impact when distributed at relevant times even earlier in the funnel. Let's talk if your sales enablement content isn't punching at the weight you need.



Product copy. Thought leadership. Persuasive marketing messages.

To hire a cheap writer, check out UpWork or Fiverr. To put together a copy program that will resonate with your prospects, move them down the funnel to become customers, and then become rabid advocates of your brand? Or to create an e-book that can be broken up and distributed through owned and paid channels? That takes something a little different.