Content Strategy

A content strategy can mean many things to many people. Typically, it involves elements found on this page and on my content marketing and copywriting pages. Let's discuss the right blend of deliverables in your particular circumstance.

Successful content marketing programs are always founded in a solid strategy. It is the perfect means to align internally on your intent and goals, while setting yourself up for an improved sales-marketing collaboration.

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Content Audit

Many of our clients inherit a slew of content and simply need help making heads or tails of it. A content audit syncs the messages you're sending in your content with your strategy, brand and business. 

This is a great introductory deliverable; we can use the strategic framework elsewhere and this exercise is a key piece of any editorial recommendations. 


Competitive Audit

While content audits look only at content your company produces, competitive audits break down the messages your select competitors are sending via their content as well. Competitive audits not only identify blue ocean opportunities in the marketplace, but highlight key differentiators to be used for future marketing content production. 


Personas / Journeys

Who are you trying to reach and why? How do you want them to act or feel? What do they care about? And what could persuade them to try your product?

Personas encapsulate key behavior and demographics of your targets; customer journeys simply reveal the milestones each persona undergoes before buying your product, from awareness to engagement to purchase and re-purchase/expansion. Personas and journeys are strategic guides created before content production begins in order to reduce the rounds of revision, churn and needless stress that tends to occur sans strategy.