Content Marketing Consulting Not For The Timid

Holy smokes, starting your own consulting agency ain't easy!

I know this is no surprise to most of you. And I knew it too. 

But if you're still considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship, let me give you a glimpse of my day.

  • 1 video conference introduction
  • 2 cold proposals (emailed)
  • 5 podcast interview requests
  • 7 UpWork pitches
  • 2 proposal follow-up emails
  • 1 proposal follow-up call
  • Reviewed AdWords results

And I still haven't created LinkedIn ads or started writing a new white paper. I'm saving that for tonight. This is all just business development.

The most difficult part is that I won't know the results of these efforts for days or weeks. It was a busy day, but I don't even know if it was an effective day.

But, work wasn't all I did today.

I also snuggled my daughter while she fell asleep for her afternoon nap.

I ate lunch outside on a chilly, but still sunny Boulder day.

And I played a little with the two foster puppies we picked up yesterday. That's them pictured at the top of this post.

The one with a white streak on his forehead is called Lightning. Because of the streak. The darker one is called Fumble Finger. Because my 4-year-old son was allowed to pick a name, no questions asked, and he likes alliteration.

As both a dad and a consultancy owner, I feel like chaos is always just bubbling under the surface. And like business development, I won't know if my parenting efforts are effective for months or years to come. 

But in both scenarios, what choice do we have but to dive in each day head-long? As though all of yesterday's mistakes didn't happen and in hopes that tomorrow is better than today.

If you read this far, you should definitely reward yourself with more puppy pictures. Enjoy! Here, here and here.